April 17, 2014

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Preview of Holocaust Part II? Eastern Ukraine Tells Jews to Register

By Elizabeth Nelson

America sat by and watched as Hitler rounded up and tried to wipe out the Jewish race, during the Holocaust, and we understand Obama has no love for the Jews or even Israel, so will we sit by and allow Eastern Ukraine to dictate what happens to the Jews; as a leaflet is circulating in Eastern Ukraine telling the Jews to register, or else?

Sadly, I don't see Obama lifting a finger, or a fictitious Red Line, to help the Jews in Eastern Ukraine, any more than he is currently helping the Syrians, that have been gassed and killed during the last 3 years of their Civil war; actually I can see him helping the Jews even less, because he is passionately anti-Semitic.

Will we just watch the genocide of the Jews in Ukraine, as we did in Germany, as they are rounded up one-by-one, after the "registration" based solely on their religious preference? If we don't speak up for them, who will speak up for us, when we are rounded up, based on Religion and Patriotic choice? Farfetched, really? We've already watched the IRS target Conservative groups based on Political choice and faith. 

Dan Joseph: What Triggers a Protest of the NRA?

Joe Biden: Another Day, Another Gaffe, but This one Wasn't Funny

By Rob Janicki

Speaking in Boston at the memorial service on the one year anniversary of the Boston
Marathon bombing by the Tsarnaev brothers, Joe Biden managed to go off script big time.

Less than a minute into his speech at the Boston marathon bombing memorial on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden went tragically off script and told the crowd of Boston bombing survivors that "it was worth it."

After expressing how impressed he was with the tribute, he said somberly, "let me say to those 'quote survivors,'  my God, you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it. I mean this sincerely - just to hear each of you speak. You're truly, truly inspiring."

The audience sat in stunned silence until Biden declared, "I've never heard anything so beautiful than what all of you just said."
Read More Breitbart

What is just as amazing as this egregious blunder of Joe's, was the fact that the MSM simply ignored Biden's gaffe, since they already knew what his written remarks were to be.

Let's remember the brothers Tsarnaev, the self radicalized Muslim terrorists seeking some kind of perverted satisfaction from their jihad against the Great Satan, America, that had given them a chance at a better life than they could have ever hoped for in their family's native homeland of Chechnya.  These are the two murderers that killed three people and injured an estimated 264, many seriously with amputations of limbs.

And, Joe Biden couldn't even give the gathered Boston audience a few words of solace for all the horror the victims experienced and the blow to the pride of Boston, without screwing something up to cast a pall, albeit momentary, on the event.  As one American, I am continually ashamed of our Vice President, Joe Biden, who regularly exhibits his ineptitude and incompetence to hold the second highest elected office in America.

Watch the first minute or so of the video to hear Biden's gaffe in his own words.

Obama Lies (Insert Shocked Face Here) About Voter's Rights Claims

By Elizabeth Nelson

Has anyone else noticed, or maybe it's just me, that the more fanatical Obama's audience, the more pandering he does and the more outlandish his claims tend to become?  Take his speech last Friday, at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, when Obama fictitiously pulled the number 100 out of thin air. 

He was all puffed up and proudly told the crowd that his Justice Department had taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009. However, the only problem with that is that, since 2009, the Justice Department has really only taken on a whopping 39 voting rights cases, and as Adams points out, only 13 were related to protecting minority voting rights.

Stephanie Condon, who corrected the number, went on to admit that her administration, the Bush Administration, had a significantly more robust enforcement record in voting rights than the Obama Justice Department.

Perhaps Obama "misspoke" or was "misinformed," but frankly I don't think he cares about protecting or even prosecuting "voter rights" or "voter fraud" in the least, considering that's how he got elected in the first place.  Sure, he can denounce voter fraud as a myth, while ignoring Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson was brought onto the stage and given a hero’s welcome. Even Sharpton embraced Richardson, despite her 2013 sentencing in state court for six counts of voter fraud.

Then again, we know that Obama is horrible at math and believes his own B.S., would we really expect anything different than exaggerated and bloated numbers in order to make himself look better?


History Byte: April 17, 1936 - A single horsehair uncovers a murderer


After a week of tracking down every conceivable lead, police finally find the evidence they need in order to break the case of Nancy Titterton's rape-murder in New York City. Titterton, a novelist and the wife of NBC executive Lewis Titterton, was raped and strangled in her upscale home on Beekman Place on the morning of April 10, 1936. The only clues left behind were a foot-long piece of cord that had been used to tie Titterton's hands and a single horsehair found on her bedspread.

These small traces of evidence proved to be enough to find the killer. The detective in charge of the investigation had ordered his team to trace the source of the cord. After a full week of combing every rope and twine manufacturer in the Northeast, the cord was finally found to have come from Hanover Cordage Company in York, Pennsylvania. Company records showed that some of the distinctive cord had been sold to Theodore Kruger's upholstery shop in New York City.

Since the investigation of the horsehair had already led police to suspect John Fiorenza, an assistant at Kruger's shop, this new evidence only solidified their suspicion. Fiorenza and Kruger were the first to discover Titterton's body, when they arrived to return a repaired couch (which had been stuffed with horsehair that matched the one found at the crime scene) on the afternoon of April 10. However, they both denied entering the bedroom that day.
John Fiorenza
When investigators learned that Fiorenza had been at the Titterton house on April 9 and had been late for work the morning of the murder, they looked deeper into his background. Fiorenza had four prior arrests for theft and had been diagnosed as delusional by a prison psychiatrist. Detectives first gained Fiorenza's trust by pretending to need his help in solving the crime and then sprang the cord evidence on him.
Caught by surprise, Fiorenza confessed to the brutal crime but claimed that he was temporarily insane. This defense didn't hold up too well at trial, and Fiorenza was executed on January 22, 1937.

April 16, 2014

Putting the blog to bed. Good night: Behind Blue Eyes

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Hilarious SWA Flight Attendant - Better than a Hand Full of Salted Nuts and a Can of Soda

By Elizabeth Nelson

While some flights offer passengers a movie a drink and some muts, one Southwest Airline flight got its own nutty stand-up comedian.

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant provided the normal instructions prior to takeoff but with a little flare and extra commentary that is too funny not to share. Obviously, I'm not alone in my sense of humor, because the YouTube video was seen on Fox Five, has warranted more than 4.2 million (with an M) views and has started trending on social media.

"Everyone gets a door prize in the seat in front of you, a half eaten piece of gum and a Dirty Diaper"

"It's a no smoking, no whining, no complaining flight, it's a please, thank you and you are so good looking flight attendant flight"

"Smoking is never allowed on SW. If you are caught smoking in the lavatory, it's a $2,000 fine, if you wanted to pay that for your airfare, you should have flown someone else."

"If we do make you that nervous in the next hour and a half, you are more than welcome to step outside, we don't discriminate here at SW, we have a special smoking section just for you we'll even show you a movie; "Up in the Air."

"Although we never expect a loss in cabin pressure ... to activate the flow of oxygen simply insert $.75 for the first minute."

"and if you are traveling with small children, I'm sorry. If you're traveling with more than one child, pick out the one that you think may have the most earning potential and help them first."

"If you're traveling with someone that requires special attention, like your husband, bless his heart, or your wife, put on your mask first."

"If there is something we can do for you to make your flight more enjoyable, please tell us ... just as soon as we land in Salt Lake city"

I don't know about you, but that's probably the first time I've actually listened to the entire safety instruction and actually enjoyed it, and I've been on dozens of flights over my lifetime. 

However, I'm sure there had to be a libtard on the flight that complained about her "figure out which child" or "help yourself before you help your spouse" comment, there always seems to be one "touchy-feely" overly-sensitive-panty-waste  in the crowd that seems to want to piss on everyone else's cornflakes and will probably want  a "refund on the flight" for their effort to boot.

Dr. Carson, Kiss Emperor Obama's Ring, You've Offended Him, Peasant

By Elizabeth Nelson

Everyone knows what a bully Obama is, but do we really understand how thin skinned he is? Does everyone remember when Dr. Carson was invited to give a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last year and he gave a speech that Obama didn't expect but America loved?  Well, it seems that Obama expected Carson to apologize for it afterwards.

Obama's empiric hypocrisy knows no bounds.  He expects an apology from Carson, for his offense, but will never offer even an insincere one for offending: "Tea Baggers," or those "Arsonist, Terrorist, Extortionists, Hostage Taking Republicans" or us "Bitter Bible Clingers." 

America is sick and tired of turning the other cheek, all four of them by now, every time this occupying president insults, belittles and maligns us and never apologies for it. So why should he ever expect an apology from someone else, for them doing to him what he, for years, has been doing to others? 

Then and now: The Continuing Dismal Numbers in Manufacturing Employment Despite Obama Spin Cycle

By Rob Janicki

We know the last recession began in late 2007 and technically ended in the latter part of spring 2009.  We hear liberal talking points about how many millions of jobs have been created during the first Obama term in office.  With all that hyperbole, one might think that the Obama administration has actually accomplished a turnaround from the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's.  If only it were true, but, alas, it's not.

Manufacturing employment in the U.S. shrank by more than 2.1 million jobs between 2007 and 2012, a period that covers the start of the recession and the subsequent economic "recovery," according to a new report from the Census Bureau.

Manufacturing is the heart of any strong and leading economy.  Manufacturing is what made America what it is, or was, until Obama entered office in January 2009.

It should be noted that the average recession recovery period has historically been 18 months to return to pre-recession levels of employment and productivity.  That makes the overall tepid jobs recovery and the pathetic manufacturing jobs recovery, stand out as a significant failure of the Obama administration.

A bright-spot in the economy is the mining and oil and gas sector. The number of companies in the sector jumped by 26.4%. Total economic output rose 34% to over $500 billion and employment increased 23% to over 900,000 jobs. Its total payroll also spiked, rising by more than 50% in just 5 years. Total payroll in the sector is over $67,000 per employee. Read more Beitbart

Let's not forget that the Obama administration has actually reduced its approval of oil and gas drilling permits on federal land and offshore, despite liberals proclaiming that oil and gas drilling is up significantly.  It's up because oil and gas drilling has occurred on private property and state property, not federal lands requiring federal permits.

Read more of the continuing failure of job creation in the manufacturing sector under the Obama administration, but don't be surprised considering all the EPA rules and regulations that have been placed upon manufacturing during President Obama's first five years in office.  At the current rate of growth, there is no reason to believe that the employment numbers will improve in the manufacturing sector anytime soon.  Expect to see any growth in employment in the service jobs sector, which is significantly lower paying than the manufacturing sector.

With the looming disaster of Obamacare, we are seeing fewer full time jobs created with a shift from a full time workforce to an increasingly part time workforce.  This is a systemic indicator of a poor economy going forward, no matter how you slice it.  With workforce hours reduced, we are becoming the economy of socialist France, which is not in the American tradition that made America the leading economy in the world.  For this we can thank President Obama and his liberal cohorts for leading America down the road of economic mediocrity.

Read the details of this latest report from the Census Bureau here.

Only Gaffer Joe Biden - "Survivors of Boston Bombing, It was Worth It"

By Elizabeth Nelson

Would it surprise anyone to know Joe Biden said the Boston Bombing was "Worth it," to the attending survivors of the bombing?

Less than a minute into his speech at the Boston marathon bombing memorial on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden went tragically off script and told the crowd of Boston bombing survivors that "it was worth it." 


Even Twitter didn't miss a beat, but wasn't surprised in his gaffe:

Yet, if it was anyone but Joe Biden, not only would we be in shock, but every MSM channels would have carried his quote **crickets everywhere** and all of America would want his head. Instead, it's sad to say, but we almost come to expect stupid stuff like this to come tumbling out of his mouth, like vomit from the mouth of a drunkard the day after a drinking binge

April 15, 2014

A "Happy" Little Tax Song In DisHonor of the Taxman Taking our Hard Earned Money

By Elizabeth Nelson

Anyone that says we are "paying" our taxes is lying to our face. In all honesty, the government is taking our money, in the form of taxes, because we don't have a viable choice whether we "pay" our taxes or not. 

Ironically, we probably wouldn't mind as much, if our government didn't waste what they take from us on booze, pole dancing, and Luxurious Hotels, and those are just some of the top 10 examples of Government waste in 2013, and after most of us worked so hard to earn it.

After all that bad news, here's a "happy" little tax song to make it all better, kind of like quickly ripping off the Band-Aid.

Here's hoping you get more back than you left at the tax preparer's office. If not, leave your frustration at the voters ballot box and pray for a change in the tax code, with new elected officials.

UN Report: "National Sovereignty, Cheese Burgers, Coal, Oil and a Robust Economy Will Kill our Planet"

By Elizabeth Nelson

Now I can say, I've heard it all and I understand why Obama has his knickers in a bunch when it comes to his war on Coal and Cow Farts and it seems to be contagious because now the United Nations seems to have caught the MAD Cow, Coal bug.  Have you heard what you'll have to give up, in order to "save our planet from extinction," in the liberals mythical "global warming," if you succumb to the UN's new report findings and mandate?

Just in the nick of time, before the world goes up in a ball of flames or enters its next ice age, the UN has delivered it latest dire warning on  global warming, and this time, it really means it. To boot, the new report, as bogus as "climate change" itself, details the specific steps we must take immediately if we are to save Mother Earth from evil mankind, and you're going to love this.  **Spoiler Alert** Cheeseburgers.

Wait a minute - pause for the cause - this is another example of "just because someone says something doesn't make it true." Can someone please explain to me, what man-made anything produced CO2 in 1750, and therefore caused "global warming and climate change" like just like we are seeing today?

Here we go again; once again the hysterical guilt and concern of the UN, over the "global warming," flies in the face of the scientific facts of NASA scientists, 95% of climate models used since 1979 are flat-out wrong. Ironically, not only are they wrongbut the Earth stopped "warming" 17 years ago and it's not projected to warm again until at least around 2030.  Hello, everything has a cycle, why should the Earth be any different?

What slays me is, people will so easily believe and follow the "Global Warming/Climate Change" movement and swallow Al Gore's BS, hook, line and sinker without looking at the scientific facts or examining the changes in climate (pre-human, industry, or car influence) throughout history. Then again, I guess as children, we all believed in the Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the Boogeyman, and the Easter Bunny too. However, we eventually grew up, learned the truth, and then lied to our kids; so truth-be-told, I guess we are all capable of being gullible and "child-like" and believing a really good bed-time story.