January 18, 2014

Is America about to experience Polar Vortex Part II before the end of January?

By Rob Janicki

The beginning of January , 2014, saw unusual temperature drops all across America, even including Hawaii.  Are we about to see a repeat of those same significant temperature drops, including many, many extreme subzero temperatures?  

Meteorologists seem to think there is a real possibility.  It may not range as far across and down to the Gulf of Mexico as it did in early January, but it will cover Mid-America with the potential to repeat the record setting subzero temperatures recorded in early January.

Here's the GFS model for January 29, 2014.  Despite this almost repeat of the nationwide record setting cold spell across the entire United States, remain calm and expect Global Warming nut cases to reinforce their argument that this is all caused by global warming.  Yes, that's their new mantra.  Whatever causes a change in temperature is caused by global warming.  It just goes to demonstrate that a Ph.d. often does stand for bullshit Piled Higher 

and Deeper.

The bottom line is that, beginning by about Monday, Jan. 20 the upper Midwest is going to see a very significant blast of Arctic air, and for those areas the cold is unlikely to relent for at least 10 days or so. Temperatures may get colder than they were during the initial polar vortex event. At Weather Bell, forecaster Joe Bastardi has been warning about the severity of this potential event for several days. 

For more information and additional weather map projections click on the Houston Chronicle link.  

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  1. Holy Cold snap Batman, bring on the Global Warming lol Lighting a fire in the fireplace now :) Great excuse hehe